Organic Colon Cleanser Tea


This colon cleanser is your best bet to rejuvenate and reset your body. Maintaining a healthy gut is vital in living your happiest, healthiest life!


Colon Cleanser Tea is  a gentle Herbal Laxative formulae to bring you an exceptional natural relief from occasional constipation. Take a cup of Colon Cleanser Tea to get things going naturally.

Avoid Colon Cleanser Tea If You Have

  •  Diarrhea
  • If You’re Purging. Or
  • Stooling Blood.

What Can It Help?

  • It Cures Constipation Instantly. Both Chronic and Acute.
  • It Is Able to Wash Congested Oils in the Liver and Kidney Preventing Proper Kidney and Liver Filtration.
  • Some People Have Years of Accommodated Waste in Their Intestines, Especially in The Colon, it Will Cleanse The Colon And It Becomes New Again. (Nearly All Deaths Start From The Colon. If You Have Clean Colon, You Have Less To Fear)
  • Most Breast Cancer, Liver Cancer, Kidney Diseases, Heart Diseases, Seizures, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Fibroids, Pile, Hemorrhoids, Most Infections,  etc etc All Mostly Originate From The Colon.
  • Before You Think of Treating Anything, Pls Cleanse your Colon First.
  • Enema Never Goes to Small Intestines. Only the Large. So Colon Cleanser Tea Evacuates All Impurities Right From The Small Intestines.

How To Use

  • Put some water into a kettle and bring to a boil.
  • Pour some of the hot water into a teacup.
  • Take a Colon Cleanser Teabag and drop into the teacup.
  • Leave the teabag for 10 mins and remove.
  • Teabag can be reused the second time.
  • Take the tea when the temperature is cool.


  • Note: Congested Bowels Are Never The Same. Some Have More Impurities Than Others.
  • Should You Experienced Noisy Stomach, Pls Relax. It is Part of The Cleansing
  • Drink a cup of Colon Cleanser Tea Preferably Last Thing at The Night.

Serious Warning

  • Always Allow An Hour Before You Eat or Drink Any Thing after the Colon Cleanser Tea.
  • Never Drink the Colon Cleanser Tea And Embark on a Trip.
  • It Causes Bowel Movement (Mild Purging)
  • Before You Drink, Ensure That You Have Access To Toilet in Your Office or Working Place.


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