Mercury Maverick 850 Line Interactive UPS


Mercury Maverick 850VA line interactive UPS provides a reliable power back up that enables you sufficient time to save your work and back up your data the moment there is power interruption or public power outage.

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Mercury Maverick 850 Line Interactive UPS is the power bank you need for short power backup support. Mercury UPS is widely used to provide dependable service, ensuring your critical appliances are protected from sudden shut-down and, in the case of UPS supporting PCs, your data is not suddenly lost.

Input Voltage 220VAC
Input Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Input Phase Single
Input Socket                                                    With Fuse
Input Range (220v)                                         140V – 300VAC
Rating Output                                                  850VA/510W
Output Waveform                                   Simulated Sine wave
Battery Type                                                    12V/8.2AH
Dimension(mm)                                               313 x 129 x 175


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