Fullriver 5Ah/12V Rechargeable Fan Battery


Fullriver 5Ah-12V Battery is a premium battery suitable for powering your rechargeable fans and other appliances that are compatible.

Full River HGL batteries feature sealed construction, no electrolyte leakage from the terminals or the case of any battery, and efficient operation in any orientation. With low impurity electrolyte, they are maintenance free. The special lead calcium alloy provides good corrosion resistance and a high recovery capacity. It has a reliable valve control system to ensure the safe operation of the battery.

With a very low self-discharge rate (only 3% per month), the Full River HGL battery is an excellent product. They have an operating temperature of -15 degrees C to 50 degrees C.

agm technology
sealed construction, no electrolyte leakage
maintenance free
low self discharge (<3%/month)
good corrosion resistance
high recovery capacity

Technical Specifications:
Terminal – F1 – Fasten Tab 4.75mm
Dimensions; L – 90mm x W – 70mm x H – 107mm
Weight; 3.26 kg


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