Envirofit Supersaver Premium Charcoal Grill Stove


This is a foreign made charcoal grill stove that is automated and made to give you that traditional village pattern of cooking. It’s very easy to use and saves you all stress of fanning till it burns. It have beautiful perforations under that lets in enough air to ensure smooth flame burning.  It beats all the local charcoal stove you have come across.

  • Fast cook
  • Blue smooth flame
  • Doesn’t blacken your pots
  • Gives food the original native taste
  • Strong and long lasting
  • Portable and trendy
  • Smooth beautiful finishing

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The SuperSaver Premium Charcoal stove is the most powerful, fastest boiling charcoal stove on the market. With unparalleled durability, this stove is easy to light, clean, and simmer foods on. Cook traditional foods like rice, ugali, and banku in under 20 minutes.
  •  Pot Retention Safety Grips
  •  Cast Iron Drip Pan
  •  Insulated Body
  •  Ergonomic Heat Resistant Handles
  •  Heavy Duty, Durable Chamber Design
  •  High-Temperature, Anti-Rust Metal Body
  •  Easy-Light Ignition Chamber Door
  •  Cooking Temperature Control Vents
  •  Easy-Clean Removable Ash Drawer
  •  Anti-Slip Rubber Reinforced Steel Feet


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