Elamei Fat Burning Sweat Cream/Weight Loss Enhancer


  1. Made of natural ingredients
  2. Safer for all
  3. Faster results within 3 weeks
  4. When Combined with waist belt and exercise gives fast results
  5. 10 sachets in 1 pack
  6. Sets all body fats ablaze
  7. For pot belly men and women
  8. Useful for after pregnancy tummy trimming
  9. For men and women
  10. Safe . No side effects

Get rid of fats and adipose tissues by burning them off with this hot fire slimming cream. It permeates the skin tissue and set all the fats beneath on fire. Best used with slim belts and vigorous exercise. It makes you sweat heavily, which meets the fats. Guaranteed to give you visible results faster. Chilli cream doesn’t fail

It’s advice-able to apply this cream twice daily round the body part that you want to burn off the fat. Apply before wearing waist trainer belt. It help you sweat faster and burn off fats faster. Great for slimming. Made of natural ingredients that have no side effects. Safer for everyone.  Also apply during exercising


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