Cordless/Rechargeable Electric Callus Remover


This callus remover is a Motorized Nano Abrasion Roller spins up to 2000 times per minute  removing dry, callused skin fastest and easiest way to remove hard and irritating calluses. Just switch it on and the precision engineered Nano Abrasion Roller spins up to 2000 RPMs to quickly remove calluses and dead skin. as a bonus, use the Smoothing Head (Included) to buff your feet to the baby soft smooth skin that everybody loves. Easy to use with the electronic rotating file over hard skin to see the dead skin disappear!Beautiful smooth skin after one use. Gentle & effective rotating action that allows you to utilize the entire roller. Battery Operated Ready to use. Exfoliates Quickly and Easily. Safe and Ergonomic. Replaceable roller head
Get A Beautiful Feet In few Minutes

Designed to remove dead,dry,hard skin and callouses,leaving the feet soft,smooth and beautiful. Pedicure made easy.



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