Century Juice Extractor CJE-8221-C


The CJE-8221-C portable juice extractor will make good fruit juices during weekend get together with family and friends. Enjoy that natural fruitfulness all day long when you use the Century Juice Extractor.

Powerful and Low noise motor
2 speed extractor with pulse
Removable 800ml juice and 1500ml pulp containers
Safety lock switch
Non slippery rubber feet equipped
Stainless steel filter
Multi press, for healthy and delicious Juice using a variety of fruit and vegetables 220V 50Hz 450W
Overheat safety protection

The Century Juice Extractor CJE-8221-C is a must have kitchen appliance for every home out there. Form a healthy habit of making your own good fruit juices for yourself and family by making use of this juice extractor. Never have to worry about checking fruit juice packages for calories and additives. Prepare delicious fruit juices from fresh oranges, pineapples, apples and much more.

This Juice Extractor comes with a powerful 2-speed multi press and it is powered by 300 watts. It also comes with a safety lock mechanism that prevents liquid content from spilling out. It has a stainless steel cover that does not get rusted and a grating sieve that separates your extracted juice from its unwanted sediments. The low noise from the machine ensures that you go about your juice extraction effortlessly. It also comes with a 2-speed mode regulator, so you can increase or reduce the rate at which the machine works.


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