Binatone 36-Inch Ceiling Fan CF-3672


Binatone CF-3672 ceiling fan is powered by a 60W motor smooth and double ball bearing to give a silent yet high performance operation with prolonged motor life.

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The blades of this Binatone CF-3672 ceiling fan are made from high-quality aluminum glades and the wire motor is made from 100% copper. The blades in an attractive 36” size and are powered by a 60W motor. The appliance includes accessories such as caps, down cords, shackle and a regulator. The smooth and silent operation is facilitated by the double ball bearing, which also prolongs the motor life. The regulator can be mounted on the wall and comes with 5 different speed options.


For a comfortable and convenient way to change your hot summer afternoon to cool refreshing ones, try out Binatone’s ceiling fans that offer smooth and silent operations.
Peace of mind never looked so good.

Smooth and silent operation

Double ball bearing

Long life motor

Power 60W

  • 5 speed wall mounted regulator
  • 36″ Ceiling fan
  • Rust free aluminium blades
  • 100% copper wire motor
  • This fan is supplied with 4 balanced and matched blade set
  • Fan accessories included caps, down rod, shackle and regulator
Binatone is committed to providing you with innovative, affordable and well-designed products that add value to your life.
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