Binatone 16-Inch Standing Fan A-1691


The Binatone A-1691 Stand Fan has a silent operation which makes it suitable in all environments; you can sleep peacefully for longer without any sort of noise disturbance. One amazing advantage of having this standing fan is that it gives you the freedom to move around with ease. You can focus the Binatone Standing Fan to concentrate on a particular person or area for satisfying an immediate need. With 50 watts of power running this fan and long life motor, you can be sure of high performance for a long period of time.

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This fan is a onetime investment and is perfect for domestic use. This is one of Binatone’s most sturdy models. It can revolve 360 degrees and its height is adjustable to 1.5m. Its motor runs silently as to not disturb you while sleeping or otherwise. It’s has three fan speeds. The angle of the blades has been inclined for maximum efficiency. Binatone also makes sure to make it safe with installed 128 ribs for cage around the fan. Another reason that this is good for domestic use is that it has a long motor life. Finally, the black and silver aesthetics make it a wholesome deal.


This silent and breezy stand fan is designed to last long with its sturdy design and long life motor. High efficiency 3-fin blades provide the most uncompromising cooling while saving power.

High efficiency blades

3 speed selector

Long life motor

Power 50W

  • Stand Fan A-1691
  • Highly efficient blades
  • Silent and breezy operation
  • Elegant swivel
  • Height adjustment
Binatone is committed to providing you with innovative, affordable and well-designed products that add value to your life.
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