Binatone 16-Inch Orbit Fan OBF-1660


Binatone OBF-1660 orbit fan is powered by a 35W motor to give a smooth and silent operation.

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Equipped with pliable speed control and quality blades designed to achieve noiseless operation, the Binatone OBF-1660 fan is highly affordable to use. The fan is also inherently capable of working from 100V to 260V with a power capacity of 35W. Endowed both with mechanical prowess and aesthetic elegance, the Binatone Orbit fan is highly viable to be used in household and divergent workplaces alike. Additionally, its energy conscious DC motor ensures reasonable expenses.


The Binatone Orbit fan comes equipped with high-quality fan blades, an energy-conscious motor and 360 degrees rotational capacity.

360 Degrees Rotation

High efficiency blade


Peace of mind never looked so good.

360 Degrees Rotation

High efficiency blade


Stepless speed control (Min~Max)

  • 360 Degrees rotation
  • High efficiency blade
  • Power:35W
  • Stepless speed control (Min~Max)
  • Energy saving DC motor
  • This fan can work from 100 to 260V
  • Slient operation
  • Perfect for home, offices, and shops
  • AC 230V 50Hz
Binatone is committed to providing you with innovative, affordable and well-designed products that add value to your life.
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