Sokany Garment & Facial Steamer


This portable steamer offers excellent solution for fabrics. It is gentle on clothes. It ejects continuous steam to revive fragile fabrics without burning or crushing them. This travel fabric steamer has a four ounce easy to fill water tank and takes only two minutes to completely heat up. It can be used for facial purpose too.

Delivering a full 800 watts of power, this handy little steamer smoothes the wrinkles out of your busy day. It’s designed for quick, convenient operation, and the compact size is easy to store or pack in a suitcase.
When you can’t — or don’t want to — set up the iron and ironing board just to remove a few light wrinkles, the Handheld Fabric Steamer is a great alternative. It steams out wrinkles from clothing, curtains, tablecloths and any other textile items that can be hung vertically.
Also useful for Facial treatment and skincare. It steams your face as a great way to exfoliate, and for spa treatments, leaving your face smooth, glowing and spotless.

Features :

1. Hang the clothes more convenience for ironing.

2. Continuous steam ironing.

3. Rapid creation of steam in 100 deg Celsius

4. Transparent Water Tank

5. Indicator Light

6. Steaming the face for family use

7. Capacity : 200 ML

8. Voltage : 220-240V ~ 50-60 Hz.

9. Power : 800W


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